What Are Threader Earrings 6 925 Sterling Silver Braid Style Stackable Eternity Ring Metal Factory Sz



SOLID STERLING SILVER: Made from solid 925 sterling silver, this ring has a 925 stamp and it will never turn black, tarnish or make your finger green like plated jewelry.

HIGH QUALITY RHODIUM PLATING: This ring has a high quality rhodium plating that is used on all white gold and platinum jewelry. Rhodium plating will prevent this ring from turning yellow and it is truly maintenance free.

NICKEL FREE: Free from nickel plating and nickel content in other alloys, this sterling silver ring is suitable for even people with sensible skins. It will not cause any allergic reactions.

REAL JEWELRY: Over 92.5% silver content in this ring, with periodic lab tests to ensure you are getting the real sterling silver jewelry

FREE GIFT BOX: Each ring will come in a generic gift box.

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