Solid Real Gold Cursive Initial Pendant Periwinkle Earrings Fire Jewelry



TIMELESS FIRST IMPRESSION C This specific piece of jewelry comes in a high-quality gift box; leaving an everlasting first impression that will compliment the jewelry when it is presented.

HOW IT CAME TO LIFE C The diamond cut finish on this specific pendant gives it a real bold look and really makes it shine under light.

MADE WITH REAL SOLID GOLD C This specific piece of jewelry is made using real solid gold, there is no form of plating or coating done to the jewelry.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE C If the jewelry is damaged in any way, the pendant will be replaced if it is sent back.

TELL YOUR OWN STORY – This specific piece of jewelry is handmade in a studio and sent directly to you; This gives great flexibility to personalize the pendant to tell its story the way you want to tell it. Add an engraving to the loop of the pendant or have it dipped in holy water after it is created.

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