Piercing Jewelry Pregnancy Belly Button Ring 14 Gauge Unique Mens Earrings



Our Belly Button Piercing Rings are made using IMPLANT GRADE FLEXIBLE ACRYLIC. This material won’t cause irritation, its resilient and easy to look after.

If you want to retain your PIERCING DURING PREGNANCY this pregnancy Pierce Belly Button adjusts as your belly grows which helps preserve your piercing.

A Cute Belly Piercing Jewelry is GOOD FOR HEALING A NEW PIERCING or to allow for stretch during pregnancy.

These Belly Button Piercing Balls have EYE-CATCHING CRYSTALS that look chic and stylish.

1Pc of 14g (1.6mm) 3/4 (19mm) Clear Bioflex Acrylic Belly Piercing Balls, 5mm 8mm Clear Ferido Ball.

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