Number Earrings LH1028 30pcs-Mixed Mood Rings Classic Temperature Change Color Mood Ring Lovers



Ring size:adjustable.

Material:stainless steel.

Will change colors with your moods & temperature. The color of each ring is discolored by your body’s temperature.

Note: Do not wear rings when swimming or playing in the water. Avoid small baby play, because some rings are sharper in shape.

Quantity:30pcs as picture show! The color-changing gemstone is a DIY creative accessory that can sense temperature and change color. It can be changed into black, yellow, red, green, blue, pink, purple and other colors. Black – depressed; orange – nervous; Red – worry; yellow – anxious; Turquoise – complex; grass green – fear; Green-curious; blue-desperate; Lavender – cold; dark green – calm; Blue purple – happy; purple – romantic;

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