Indian Beaded Earrings Real Gold Plated Gold Diamond Cut Star Flat Link Chain Anklet 24k



? TIRED OF WASTING MONEY buying gold anklets that EASILY BREAK? Dont you just ?love? it when foot bracelets TARNISH within days or look like they came out of a gumball machine? Lifetime Jewelrys anklets are MADE TO LAST; We use up to 20X more 24 karat real gold plating than other electroplate; This diamond cut Star Flat Link Chain anklet is very strong and durable; Comes in 9 10 and 11 inches; Choice of Gold or White Gold (rhodium)

? ?THE NEXT BEST THING TO SOLID GOLD? one of our customers said recently, and we couldn’t agree more; Wear this ankle jewelry at a party or to the beach or to high class formal occasions; If it gets lost or stolen its so much easier to replace; These bracelets LOOK AND FEEL LIKE SOLID GOLD, but are offered at a fraction of the cost

? [READ THIS] IMPORTANT TO KNOW ABOUT SIZES: Anklets may be worn above or below ankle bone; 9 inches is the most common size; 10 and 11 inches are plus sizes; These are just guidelines and we suggest you tie a string around your ankle and measure it from end-to-end to find the size you feel most comfortable with; Everybodys feet are different, so please pick your length to your personal preference; These gold ankle bracelets are NOT adjustable

? AS A SMALL FAMILY RUN BUSINESS SINCE 1987 we expect the best for our families and want the same for yours; We cut no corners with our 24K gold plated products, and will not skimp on our customer support to you; All our cute ankle bracelets are proudly MADE IN USA

? FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE: Lifetime Jewelry is more than JUST jewelry – its our commitment to you for a lifetime; Be it 30 days, a year or a decade – youll get a new item from us FREE OF CHARGE if ever any of our ankle jewelry break, fade, or simply dont live up to your highest expectations; Were Lifetime Jewelry – Buy it once, own it for a lifetime

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