Amc Disney Springs Movies Cut Swarovski Zirconia Solitaire w/sides Engagement Ring



VERSATILE ACCESSORY: This simulated diamond ring looks like diamonds for a fraction of the price. It features a 8mm Pure Brilliance Asscher Cut Swarovski Zirconia, high-quality cubic zirconia, rhodium-plated solid sterling silver, to give it this beautiful finish and look of Gold.

SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA: This simulated diamond ring features an Asscher cut Swarovski Pure Brilliance Zirconia that truly sparkles. This cubic zirconia ring shines more than a traditional cubic zirconia pendant. Swarovski zirconia is high quality, durable, and clear, making it the best choice for a simulated diamond. Ask about the matching earrings! or Matching Band:

MULTIPLE FINISHES AVAILABLE: Get this NANA Jewels simulated diamond engagement ring in 925 sterling silver. rhodium-plated silver, plated over Sterling Silver. Has Matching Earrings (, Wedding Band ( so you can coordinate accessories and cultivate your jewelry collection.

STERLING SILVER: Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% silver. It is used in every type of modern jewelry because of its malleability, durability, and beauty. Sterling silver is a cheap alternative to white gold, but still provides the same finish and shine for jewelry both for women and men. It is easy to match and because its so popular, it is sure to always be in style.

ASSCHER CUT: The asscher cut simulated diamond scatters the light beautifully and is cut to draw the eye straight to the center stone. It has a stepped square cut, like an emerald cut, but has cropped corners. The table and step-cut facets emphasize the clarity of the stone. Asscher cut stones require 4 prongs. A solitaire setting helps bring a contemporary flair to this vintage stone. For the matching band, follow this link:

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