925 Sterling Silver Ring Size Coach Earrings Stone Mystic Fire Topaz White Gold



New kid on the block: ‘Mystic Fire Topaz’ gems appeared out of nowhere in 1998 in Hong Kong. Certified genuine by U.S. patent numbers; 5,853,826 / 6,997,014 / 7,137,275 and 7,526,928

Street style, free, easy and natural casual sterling silver rings, simple or with gems, youre good to go!

Silvershake 3.8ct. 5 Stone Mystic Fire Topaz White Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Ring, is shipped with anti-tarnish protection in reinforced gift boxes & satin-style pouches; guarantee far-outlasting competitors

Dazzling rainbow Mystic Topaz is a combination of Natural Topaz, slightly softer than diamond, fused with Titanium, used to make jet aeroplanes; Mystic Topaz is one tough gemstone!

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